Hour 14 – 24 Great Las Vegas Dates in 24 Hours – Viva Las Trailer Park!

Hour 14 BlogAPalooza

This is not your Eminem style single wide white bread trailer park. But you may want to humm along that “mom I am coming home to you I live at home in a trailer” to the tune of Sweet Home Alabama as you rock the trailer Vegas style.

You can live it up on the strip in an airstream trailer rental! It is in the Circus Circus KOA RV park on the strip which gives you the simplicity of living in a trailer without the ongoing drama of actual full time trailer park residency.

The Airstream is large enough to hold two showgirls on the couch comfortably. Though I can’t promise that the trailer is alluring enough to actually get a showgirl to come back to your rig.

Part of the appeal of the AirStream rental is being able to make all of your own meals. Check out the kitchen and dining area.

But wait! Part of the thrill of being in Vegas is the food! You can make that tater tot casserole back home. Circus Circus now has an ALL DAY BUFFET. That is right for one price you can come back for 24 hours as many times as you like to eat, then beach yourself, then eat again.

If you are in Vegas for the really cheap food wander on over to the SlotsOFun next door to Circus Circus. This is where you can find cheap games, cheap giant hot dogs for a buck, shrimp cocktail for a buck, free drinks, and other promotions. Not the swankiest place in town but for goodness sake you are staying in a trailer after all making Slots A Fun worthy of your time.

Relax into the evening floating on an inflatable raft in the community pool knowing you have just had the ultimate Las Vegas cracker experience.

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