Hour 16 -24 Las Vegas Dates – Brothels and Swingers

Hour 16 – BlogAPalooza


Economic Stimulus

It is legal in Nevada outside of Clark and Washoe county.

Yes I said it – brothels and swingers. I know you wanted to ask but hey it was daylight hours, then who knew who would be looking over your shoulder, and well ahem it is nearly the midnight hour when the faint of heart should not be up late reading about Las Vegas adventures.

So please, if you are easily offended please move on to that blog with the pictures of creepy yet amusingly adorable cats.

In the proper city of Las Vegas and county of Clark PROSTITUTION is illegal. Raids happen all of the time. However the brothels just outside the city limits in Nye County, Pahrump city are entirely legal.

Don’t trust the web searches for Las Vegas brothels which have been purchased by escort agencies that cannot legally provide the services of a brothel. You may even recognize some names on the sites promising a Las Vegas brothel from the news article I linked above.

Visiting legal brothels is economic stimulus for my community because you will pay state taxes to be in a safe environment. Brothels are brought up in the larger cities as a way to cure our economic woes every few years, but they do not fund our schools yet.

Brothels have relationships with limo companies and if you arrange for a minimum level of service (generally greater than $2000 or more) the brothel will take care of getting you out there and back to your hotel. Shari’s Ranch one of the closest businesses to Las Vegas explains this service right on their front page. Who wants obviously distracted drivers on the road anyway. Just take the free limo ride to handle the anticipation and excitement leaving the driving up to discrete professional. These properties also can offer you your own private hotel room on the property too.

Many tourists do not understand that these businesses are for the purpose of business and not gawking. The services are not cheap and before you can take a look at the line-up many want to hold some cash or run your credit card to make sure you can pay before wasting anyone’s time. Questions about these policies you can call on the phone or even live chat by keyboard if they are not answered on the FAQ page.
Brothels are not just for gentlemen and couples these days. Famously the Shady Lady Ranch has hired males to service a female clientele.

Perhaps the best primer on how the brothels really work is the series Cathouse on HBO which shows both the action and business motivations of the workers at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch up near Reno.

All of the brothels have websites and “menus” from which to plan your visit. Planning is highly recommended by all of the websites.

If all you want is a souvenir about brothels and chicken ranches visit the XXX Warehouse just off the strip. If you want to have a sophisticated experience go to the Erotic Heritage Museum.

The museum does the best job of explaining its purpose:

“We invite you to behold and explore the vast array of socio-cultural perspectives depicting our erotic heritage, including a special emphasis on the unfolding of the American Sexual Revolution of the 20th Century. The Museum seeks to bridge the gap between the pornographic, with that which is aesthetic. Here you’ll discover a wide range of materials that are sure to entice your senses and excite your mind!
The Museum encompasses over 17,000 square feet of permanent and featured exhibits designed to preserve wonders of the erotic imagination as depicted through the artistic expression of acts of sex and love.

The Erotic Heritage Museum is dedicated to the belief that sexual pleasure and fun are natural aspects of the human experience, that such pleasure must be made available to all, and that our individual sexuality belongs to each of us.”

Now about the swingers clubs another dirty little Vegas secret. Yes they exist, and yes they are legal in the city limits. There are specific rules which each club owner covers upon admission. These are private parties supported by “donations” allowing them to exclude whom they wish.

Read the Yelps about the clubs before you commit yourself to a night there.

Tourists should note that some clubs require photographic pre-screening before participation is allowed and should be done weeks if not months in advance of your visit depending on the party. Read up first on what swinging is BEFORE you decide to venture to one of these clubs. It may be much more wild than you had imagined.

Las Vegas offers many different levels of sexual adventure depending upon your proclivities. Do you research first, read reviews from several sites, and understand your personal limits before going to a club. Watch the videos. Both members of a couple should be entirely gung-ho because if one is unhappy you both will be unhappy.

Think of Las Vegas sex shows as a pyramid:

At the bottom of the pyramid are the casino burlesque shows a little naughty but not illegal where you come from.

Next step up the topless clubs. Ladies with their shirts off, not much else.

Next up the strip clubs which in Las Vegas allow lap dances just no touching.

Next the no audience participation sex show with demonstration of techniques again no touching but actual acts are on display.

Next the brothel where it is a transaction for cash business is done, it is done, no negotiating.

The top of the sex pyramid for Las Vegas is the all out swingers club where you are on your own once they let you in and nearly anything goes.

The legendary swingers club of Las Vegas is the Red Rooster. A couple opened it in their 800 square foot home in 1982, it has now grown to over 13,000 square feet and decorated like it is still 1982. The point is made over and over that this is still their private home and they think of the people who join the parties as friends and ask that you respect both them and their home as such. The doors are open every day including Christmas.

Las Vegas does have a thriving adult industry for consenting of age adults. Do your research first and enjoy whatever legal Vegas date adventure your heart desires.

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