Hour 11 – @4 Hours of Las Vegas Dates – Cowboy Fun

Hour 11 BlogAPalooza

Cowboys and indians was a fun game to play until all that child safety stuff came up and suddenly chasing each other around with the axe from Dad’s toolbox becomes attempted assault.

Las Vegas has the solution to all of the dangers of cowboy showmanship sure to keep anyone fearful of cuts and bruising happy. Sounds like you need rubber guns, rubber tomahawks, and cut proof breakaway materials to keep the feel of a real bar fight without all those pesky emergency room visits.

Las Vegas Western Stage Props can set you up for a dramatic afternoon for any cowboy drama you want to act out. If you are even more daring and want to take up the sport of whip cracking they can set you up if it looks like you are not the type to put your own eye out. Reading the catalog is a treat likely to convince you that you need a set of trick ropes.

This is also the shop featured on Pawn Stars for having all of the authentic Indiana Jones supplies if that is your type of adventure. Looks like the new go-to hobby for the 40 something set who grew up with the movie.

Enjoy all the great props but do us all a favor and don’t try to take anything realistic looking on the plane ride back home. Thankfully they ship worldwide so you can avoid the TSA cavity search to top off your trip home.

Once you have your authentic horseman gear hit the trails at SageBrush Ranch. This ranch offers not only a couple hours on the trail but also authentic grub and overnight camp outs. During the holidays you can act out your favorite Gene Autry movie by singing along with Christmas Caroling on horseback.

At the end of the day on the trail if your tush still has some push left in it and treat yourself to a free western line dancing class at Stoneys Rockin Country.

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One Response to Hour 11 – @4 Hours of Las Vegas Dates – Cowboy Fun

  1. Marcie Hill says:

    Again, thanks for this. Other than the Vegas strip, I never knew all of the joys Vegas offered.

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