Hour 1 – 24 Las Vegas Dates in 24 Hours – Breakfast

BlogaPalooza – Hour 1

Never under estimate the power of the breakfast date. I know you are thinking to yourself what if my date is a real turd? Then I am stuck with that loser all day!

Not necessarily. “Emergencies” and “urgent” phone calls are much easier to manufacture at 9am than stuck out at a club at 11pm.

Plus if the recession has hit you with the need to conserve cash why blow your whole date budget on the first one. As we all know they same date number three is the magic number.

Las Vegas has great breakfasts in all different price ranges from the weekend champagne brunch at the strip hotels that set you back $30 plus tip to greasy spoon casino midnight $1.99 specials.

One of Las Vegas’ most famous off the strip breakfasts is Hash House a Go-GO Twisted Farm food. It is worth the hype. Awesome fresh good, but it is pretty expensive and you can expect a line any weekend.

You will also find a line at family owned and operated Blueberry Hill which offers a great menu at good prices. Locals start to really pack the place about 10:00. Las Vegans love their late morning breakfasts.

If you stay in a Station Hotel property by all means use that free breakfast buffet coupon. The breakfast at Aliante Station, Santa Fe Station, Texas Station, and Fiesta are all great at that price.

The best part about a buffet date is you decide how long it takes for your food to get to the table.

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One Response to Hour 1 – 24 Las Vegas Dates in 24 Hours – Breakfast

  1. Never been to Las Vegas. I plan on going there someday when I actually have a ton of money to gamble with. I mean, what’s the point of going if you can’t gamble a ton, right?

    Looking forward to your posts for the next 24 hours!

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