Remembering Elvis

Elvis may have passed away in Memphis but he helped define the glitz and wonder that is Las Vegas. No other town outside of Memphis keeps the King’s memory alive quite the way that Vegas does!

Las Vegas tributes Elvis in its wedding chapels as couples look forward to a hopeful new start in their lives. Our Kings sing Can’t Help Falling in Love with You or Love me Tender as blushing brides stroll down the aisle.

A Elvis wedding chapel

We tribute the King in our trade magazines. Friend of our show and author of Perfect Circles John Michael Stuart wrote “Elvis not only left a legacy with his performances on a Las Vegas stage but one on life’s stage. He placed importance on being a true friend that superceded the need for fame or notoriety. The King of Rock n Roll has indeed left the building that was the home of so many of performances that will forever be etched in our psyche. ”

John Michael Stuart Writes about Elvis

Author John Michael Stuart MSW writes about Elvis

Our town oozes Elvis with a King for every man woman and child. We celebrate the marriage of Fat Elvis, we have world class performing Elvis’, Midget Elvis’, and lounge Elvis’
As Mojo Nixon put it Elvis is in Everybody – Elvis is still the King.

In memory of Las Vegas’ Elvis of whimsy and a place away from your troubles do what Elvis would have wanted you to do, little less conversation and a little more action baby cause you can’t go on with Suspicious Minds just go on now and love your Hunka Hunka Burning love.

Take your honey on out to see Matt Lewis as the King in Legends in Concert on stage Monday night the anniversary Elvis left our mortal world to true legend status.

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